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  • 2023
    Dear users,Please be kindly noted that Laboratory Instrument Management System (LIMS) will experience a server upgrade for 11 hours from 8:00pm, December 25th to 7:00am, December 26th (Beijing Time).During this period, you will have no access to LIMS system and equipment connected with LIMS controllers. Please make necessary arrangement ahead.We apologize for the inconvenience that may bring to you and if you have any system problem after this upgrade, please feel free to contact us.各位用户:大型仪器共享管理系统(LIMS)将于北京时间12月25日晚8点至次日早晨7点进行为期11个小时的服务器升级。在此期间,您将无法访问LIMS系统及连接LIMS控制器的仪器设备。请提前做好必要的安排,谢谢。对于给您带来的不便,我们深表歉意。如果您在本次升级后有任何系统问题,请随时与我们联系。                                                                              Laboratorial and Technical Management Office                                                                                                                                                  System administrator
  • 2021
    Dear colleagues,Please upload the equipment SOP and manual to LIMS by the end of March. Thanks for your cooperation.各位院系实验室负责人:请大家在三月底前完成LIMS系统中仪器附件上传工作,谢谢大家的配合!                                                                              Laboratorial and Technical Management Office                                                                                                                                                  System administrator
  • 2021
    Dear users,The Laboratory Instrument Management System (LIMS) has been in trial operation in the Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Chemistry, and Department of Civil Engineering for a while and we are planning to test it in more schools and departments before fully launch in the whole university. XJTLU internal users will need to register following the instruction in" XJTLU-Laboratory Instrument Management System (LIMS) Simple User Guide" to get access to the booking system. Supervisors of each research group need to register first, then research assistants and students should select the corresponding "PI of each research group" during registration.For XJTLU internal users, you could log in the system with your own university account and password combinations. Please double-check the information of "Type" and "Organization" match your identities, and correct it manually while necessary.For external users, please register as "local users".The school/ department administrator will approve the registration application periodically or upon requests. Any questions, please feel free to contact the school/ department administrator or center administrator.School and department administrator:School of Design: Jian Chen, 0512- 81881838Department of Civil Engineering Qiaolian Li, 0512- 88161736School of Advanced Technology Yanfei Qi, 0512- 88161418Department of Biological Sciences: Bingjie Jiang, 0512- 81880458Department of Chemistry: Jianfang Wu, 0512- 88161669 Department of Health and Environmental Sciences: Xiao Zhou, 0512- 81884871Academy of Pharmacy: Yili Cheng, 0512-81880474各位老师,同学好,大型仪器共享管理系统(LIMS)已经在生物系,化学系和土木工程系试运行一段时间,且在LIMS全校部署之前,我们打算让更多的院系加入到系统试运行之中。西交利物浦大学校内用户需要按照“XJTLU-Laboratory Instrument Management System (LIMS) Simple User Guide” 登陆到预约系统中。注册账号后会弹出注册须知,请大家仔细阅读。学生和课题组内研究员、科研助理注册账号时,需要课题组PI先行注册,激活,然后大家再注册在PI课题组名下。校内教师学生注册时,请选择“一卡通用户”,登录账号使用自己的学校统一账号,输入密码后系统会自动同步过来相关信息,请大家核对“人员类型” 和“组织机构” 是否正确,不正确可手动选择替换。校外用户和访问学生可以选择“本地账户” 进行注册。注册成功后,会有管理员定期进行审核通过,如有问题,可联系各院系管理员或中心管理员。各院系管理员:设计学院:陈健,0512- 81881836土木工程系:李巧莲,0512- 88161736智能工程学院:戚燕菲,0512- 88161418生物系:姜冰洁,0512- 81880458化学系:武建芳,0512- 88161669健康和环境科学系:周骁,0512- 81884871药学院:程毅丽,0512-81880474
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